Fayyaz S. Sutterwala, MD, PhD

Director, Infectious Disease

Fayyaz S. Sutterwala, MD, PhD

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Fayyaz S. Sutterwala, MD, PhD

Director, Infectious Disease

  • IM/Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

The research of Fayyaz Sutterwala, MD, PhD, research focuses on innate immunity and in particular the NLR (nucleotide-binding domain leucine-rich repeat containing receptors) family of molecules that are involved in the regulation of inflammatory and cell death pathways. The members of Sutterwala Laboratory has played an instrumental role in defining the functional role and mechanism of activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome, a multiprotein complex that drives the activation of caspase-1. They were also amongst the first groups to postulate that the NLRP3 inflammasome plays a role in detecting and responding to cellular stress and damage. The lab members are currently working towards further defining the molecular mechanisms by which inflammaosme activation occurs and its role in host defense against a variety of pathogens. They are also interested in how inflammasomes can exacerbate inflammatory responses to sterile inflammatory insults such as ischemia and inhaled environmental pollutants.

  • Undergraduate: Washington University, 1992
  • Medical School: Temple University School of Medicine, 2000
  • Residency: Yale-New Haven Hospital, 2002
  • Fellowship: Yale School of Medicine, 2007
  • Section Editor: Journal of Immunology, 2016-present
  • Consulting Editor: JCI Insight, 2016-present
  • Review Editor: Frontiers in Immunology, 2015-present
  • Elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation, 2012
  • Central Society for Clinical Research Early Career Development Award, 2011

Click here for a list of peer-reviewed publications.

  • Sutterwala FS, Ogura Y, Szczepanik M, Lara-Tejero M, Lichtenberger GS, Grant EP, Bertin J, Coyle AJ, Galán JE, Askenase PW, et al. Critical role for NALP3/CIAS1/Cryopyrin in innate and adaptive immunity through its regulation of caspase-1. Immunity. 2006 Mar;24(3):317-327.
  • Eisenbarth SC, Colegio OR, O'Connor W, Sutterwala FS, Flavell RA. Crucial role for the Nalp3 inflammasome in the immunostimulatory properties of aluminium adjuvants. Nature. 2008 Jun;453(7198):1122-1126.
  • Cassel SL, Eisenbarth SC, Iyer SS, Sadler JJ, Colegio OR, Tephly LA, Carter AB, Rothman PB, Flavell RA, Sutterwala FS. The Nalp3 inflammasome is essential for the development of silicosis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Jul;105(26):9035-9040.


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