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Eduardo Marban, MD, PhD

Mark Siegel Family Foundation Distinguished Professor

Executive Director, Smidt Heart Institute

Eduardo Marban, MD, PhD

Smidt Heart Institute
127 S San Vicente Blvd #A3600
Los AngelesCA





Eduardo Marban, MD, PhD

Mark Siegel Family Foundation Distinguished Professor

Executive Director, Smidt Heart Institute

  • IM/Cardiology

The current research areas of Eduardo Marbán, MD, PhD, are using biologically based therapies for cardiac regeneration and biological pacemakers. Each lab members has a specific role in conducting research that will enable the Marbán Lab to translate its work from the bench to bedside. The research using cardiosphere-derived cells has demonstrated that the cells are better in their functional repair capacity and in their angiogenic ability to secrete favorable paracrine factors that other cells in clinical use do not. The lab is studying various methods of delivering the cells and determining the immunogenicity of allogeneic stem cells in small and large animal models.

  • Medical School: Yale University School of Medicine, 1980
  • Post Doctorate: Yale University School of Medicine, 1981
  • Residency: Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1984
  • Fellowship: Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1985
  • Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cardiovascular Research, Gill Heart Institute, 2006
  • Distinguished Scientist Award, American Heart Association, 2004
  • Research Achievement Award, International Society for Heart Research, 2001
  • Basic Research Prize, American Heart Association, 2000
  • Editor-in-Chief: Circulation Research, 1999-2009
  • Barth AS, Kizana E, Smith RR, Terrovitis J, Dong P, Leppo MK, Zhang Y, Miake J, Olson EN, Schneider JW, Abraham MR, Marban E. Lentiviral vectors bearing the cardiac promoter of the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger report cardiogenic differentiation in stem cells. Mol Ther. 2008;16(5):957-964.
  • Cingolani E, Ramirez Correa GA, Kizana E, Murata M, Cho HC, Marban E. Gene therapy to inhibit the calcium channel beta subunit: physiological consequences and pathophysiological effects in models of cardiac hypertrophy. Circ Res. 2007;101(2):166-175.
  • Marban E, Cho HC. Biological pacemakers as a therapy for cardiac arrhythmias. Curr Opin Cardiol. 2008;23(1):46-54.


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