Artak Labadzhyan, MD

Assistant Professor, Medicine

Artak Labadzhyan, MD

Pituitary Center
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Artak Labadzhyan, MD

Assistant Professor, Medicine

  • IM/Endocrinology


Adrenal Gland Disorders

Calcium Disorders

Cushing's Disease

Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1 & 2)




Insulin Pump Therapy

Osteopenia (Low Bone Density)

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Parathyroid Disorders

Pituitary Disorders

Pituitary Tumors


Thyroid Cancers

Thyroid Disorders

The research of Artak Labadzhyan, MD, focuses on the pathogenesis of pituitary tumors and clinical research in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with pituitary disorders.

  • Medical School: University of California, Irvine, 2010
  • Internship: University of California, Irvine Medical Center, 2011
  • Residency: University of California, Irvine Medical Center, 2013
  • Fellowship: Cedars-Sinai, 2015
  • Member, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
  • Member, Endocrine Society
  • Finalist, Clinical Fellows Award for Excellence in Research
  • Resident of the Year
  • Gustave D. Suffin, MD, Award for Excellence in Neuroscience
  • Labadzhyan A, Brent GA, Hershman JM, Leung AM. Thyrotoxicosis of Pregnancy. J Clin Transl Endocrinol. 2014;1(4):140-144.
  • Labadzhyan A, Csiba L, Narula N, Zhou J, Narula J, Fisher M. Histopathologic evaluation of basilar artery atherosclerosis. J Neurol Sci. 2011;307(1-2):97-99.
  • Labadzhyan A, Sacks W. Does immunosuppression increase the risk of recurrence of papillary thyroid cancer? Clin Thyroidol. 2014;26(5):141-145.

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