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H Phillip Koeffler, MD

Mark Goodson Chair in Oncology Research

H Phillip Koeffler, MD

Davis Research Building
8700 Beverly Blvd
# D5018
Los AngelesCA





H Phillip Koeffler, MD

Mark Goodson Chair in Oncology Research

  • IM/Hematology/Oncology

Molecular pathogenesis of cancers with a particular focus on brain, breast, lung and pancreas, as well as leukemias, lymphomas and sarcomas. Translational research testing a variety of novel compounds for their anti-cancer activity and mechanism of action.

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  • Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin, 1968
  • Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, 1972
  • Internship: USC Medical Center, LA County, 1975
  • Mark Goodson Chair in Oncology Research, 1997
  • Member, Editorial Board of Advances in Hematology, Hindawi Publishing Corp.Member, Editorial Board of The Open Leukemia Journal (Associate Editor)Member, Editorial Board of Genes & Cancer
  • Member, CCN, Scientific CommitteeMember, Editorial Board The Open Tissue Engineering & Regenertaive Medicine JournalMember, Advisory Board of Scholarly Research Exchange, Hindawi Publishing Corp.
  • Madan V, Kanojia D, Li J, Okamoto R, Sato-Otsubo A, Kohlmann A, Sanada M, Grossmann V, Sundaresan J, Shiraishi Y, Miyano S, Thol F, Ganser A, Yang H, Haferlach T, Ogawa S and Koeffler HP. Aberrant splicing of U12-type introns is the hallmark of ZRSR2 mutant myeloysplastic syndrome. Nat Commun 2015, Jan 14:6:6042. PMID: 25586593
  • Lin D, Meng X, Hazawa M, Nagata Y, Varela AM, Xu L, Sata Y, Liu LZ, Sing LW, Sharma A, Goh BC, Lee SC, Petersson BF, Yu FG, Macary P, Oo MZ, Ha CS, Yang H, Ogawa S, Loh KS,.Koeffler HP. The genomic landscape of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Nature Genetics. 46(8):866-871, 2014 PMID 24952746.


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