Raymond S. Douglas, MD, PhD

Director, Thyroid Eye Disease Program

Raymond S. Douglas, MD, PhD

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Raymond S. Douglas, MD, PhD

Director, Thyroid Eye Disease Program

  • Ophthalmology

The laboratory of Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD, is interested in thyroid eye disease and facial paralysis, and they have identified key molecular targets for thyroid eye disease. Douglas has just completed the largest clinical trial in the disease for a biologic treatment.

  • Doctorate: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 1998
  • Medical School: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 1998
  • Internship: Presbyterian Hospital, 1999
  • Residency: Scheie Eye Institute, 2002
  • Fellowship: UCLA Stein Eye Institute, 2004
  • Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Achievement Award, 2014
  • The Endocrine Society's International Award for Excellence in Published Clinical Research, 2011
  • RPB Lew Wasserman Merit Award, 2011
  • Harbor-UCLA LA BioMed Young Investigator Award for Excellence in Translational Research, 2008
  • Research to Prevent Blindness Career Award, 2007
  • Douglas R, McCoy A, Gupta S. Thyroid Eye Disease. New York:Springer, 2015.
  • Stein JD, Childers D, Gupta S, Talwar N, Nan B, Lee BJ, Smith TJ, Douglas R. Risk factors for developing thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy among individuals with Graves disease. JAMA Ophthalmol. 2015 Mar;133(3):290-296.
  • Briceño CA, Gupta S, Douglas RS. Advances in the management of thyroid eye disease. Int Ophthalmol Clin. 2013;53(3):93-101.


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