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Suzanne L. Cassel, MD

Suzanne L. Cassel, MD

Advanced Lung Disease
8723 Alden Dr #260
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Suzanne L. Cassel, MD

  • IM/Allergy

One of the most important roles of the immune system is to recognize the presence of an infection or injury and to trigger an immunologic response aimed at restoring normal function of the organism. Specialized white blood cells from the innate immune system carry receptors that are specifically activated by invading organisms or markers of trauma. Suzanne Cassel, MD, and Fayyaz Sutterwala MD, PhD, run a joint lab that studies these receptors, how they are activated and how that translates into an effective and appropriate immune response to both infectious and sterile insults.

  • Undergraduate: Reed College, 1992
  • Medical School: Temple University, 2000
  • Internship: Yale-New Haven Hospital, 2001
  • Residency: Yale-New Haven Hospital, 2003
  • Fellowship: Yale University School of Medicine, 2007


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