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M William Audeh, MD

M William Audeh, MD

Samuel Oschin Cancer Center
127 S San Vicente Blvd - 7th Floor
Los AngelesCA





M William Audeh, MD

  • IM/Hematology/Oncology

M. William Audeh, MD, specializes in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer, and conducts clinical and translational research related to these areas. His work uses molecular profiling of breast cancers to determine personalized treatment strategies with targeted therapies, clinical trials with molecularly targeted therapies, and genetically targeted therapies such as PARP inhibitors against cancers with DNA repair defects, such as BRCA-mutated cancers. Breast cancer risk reduction is based on personalized risk assessment (genetics, hormonal and exposure history, diagnostic testing, etc.) and appropriate interventions.

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  • Undergraduate: Carleton College, 1977
  • Master's: University of Minnesota, 1978
  • Medical School: University of Iowa, 1982
  • Residency: Stanford Medical Center, 1986
  • Fellowship: Stanford Medical Center, 1989


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